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North America, pretty much as is. We’ll leave off the names for the most part, as governments and boundaries no longer exist.

The World

Projected technology level in 10 years, with lots of decay heaped on. Major cities still exist, walls built up for protection.

The Wilds have a bit of a “wild west” / “Mad Max” feel to them, major cities closer to “Blade Runner”.


Technology is largely lost. Guns still exist, but new manufacture is not possible. Repair is a MUST. Vehicles were largely electric by the time of The Fall, so they should work ok, with proper batteries. Computers are near useless, but some handhelds can be useful.

Books are still around so knowledge is there.

The Disease

A rampant mutation causing gross physical changes in most animals. Size increases, lesions, boils, etc. Affects humans as well, but in smaller numbers. Humans can also be mentally affected – allowing for various type of Adepts.

The Beasts

Beasts are malformed due to The Disease. They should appear similar to ordinary wild animals, but also include humanoids. Giant versions do exist. Think: Dune spice worms.


  • True 20 base system.
  • Classes: 3 of each role.
  • True 20 classes: Warrior, Expert, Adept (Charisma based Adept), and Temporal Adept (Temporal powers from Borrowed Time) – no Adept Elemental Powers.
  • Firearms are RARE. Humans still have the skills to craft ammo (rare), guns are too complex. A firearm ensures protection better than a normal weapon.
  • Swords are rare as well. The Fall happened after the modern era. Baseball bats, clubs, iron bars, pipes, knives – general improvised weapons are the weapons of choice.

Main Page

Main Page

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